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Under-Slab Tunnel Plumbing Repairs and Installation
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Sewer And Under-Slab Tunnel Plumbing Repairs & Installation

Most Texas homes are built on concrete slab foundations. The plumbing is located beneath the foundation; before pouring the concrete for the foundation, your plumbing contractor positions the plumbing that provides water to your home.
If one of these pipes cracks or breaks, you’ll have a water leak under the foundation. Leaking water can result in substantial foundation damage because the water washes away the stabilizing soil beneath the foundation. This soil loss creates an unstable foundation for your home, which results in sinking foundations and cracked walls and ceilings.
At All About Plumbing, we provide foundation tunneling services for plumbing repairs and installation in League City, Texas. Our expert staff uses cutting-edge equipment to detect and repair water leaks before they cause extensive damage to your home. If you suspect plumbing leaks under your foundation, call for repairs before expensive home damage happens.

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How Do I Know If I Might Have A Slab Leak?

You can identify water leaks under your foundation by checking for pooling water around the perimeter of your foundation. If you see wet soil or soil erosion, these are signs of under-slab plumbing leaks.
You can see other indications of foundation damage by inspecting the walls and ceilings inside your home for cracks, doors that won’t close, or molding separation. Your rooms might also smell musty from water under the slab.

How Does All About Plumbing Find A Leak Underneath A Slab?

Our trained plumbing technicians use specialized equipment to locate foundation leaks in your plumbing lines.
These include snake cameras that provide high-definition images of the plumbing lines under your home and isolation testing with inflatable rubber bladders. These allow us to test every section of your drain pipes.
If the leak is in your water supply lines, it causes more damage because the pressure forces water out of the damaged pipes, causing severe soil erosion.

How Do You Fix An Under-Slab Leak?

Most under-slab repairs require us to redirect the plumbing so it’s above ground. The redirected pipes are hidden inside the walls or behind your cabinets, eliminating future slab leaks.
Another method is to conduct under-slab tunneling, a more extensive plumbing repair involving overhauling all the plumbing beneath your foundation.

Sub-Foundation Tunneling 

During sub-foundation water line repairs, we tunnel under your home to access damaged drain pipes, requiring significant planning from skilled plumbing technicians before tunneling begins.
We will locate utility lines under your foundation for safety purposes and to prevent disruptions. Then, our team begins the sub-foundation tunneling to replace the plumbing or redirect drain lines if necessary.

Professional Under-Slab Plumbing Repairs in League City, TX 

All About Plumbing has over 20 years of experience providing professional under-slab tunneling, plumbing repair, and installation services in League City. Contact us if you suspect foundation water leaks. Our trained plumbing technicians will locate and repair any under-slab leaks before they damage your home.

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